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Heritage copy DNU

Not just a shoe, a statement.

BAGATT has its origins in northern Italy in the 1980s and stands for the symbiosis of fashionable women's shoes and stylish Italian signature. History that does not repeat itself, but is now being continued - that is BAGATT.

We share your passion and vivacity.

And just like you, we hold a positive world view. We believe that it all begins by having a passion for all the good things in life. That when the moment arises, or the occasion comes calling, you must be able to make the most of it.


BAGATT shoes.

It’s when you fuse fashion, spirit,
and confidence together.

The fashion shoe brand that’s not about trends.

Yes, you read that right. At our very core, we’re about you – everything about you. The little things that move you, the big things that inspire you. Where you wish to go, the version of you you’d like to be, we’re here to enable you to be yourself – authentic and at ease – throughout.


Crafted by AstorMueller.

BAGATT shoes are crafted by AstorMueller, the multinational company with a rich shoemaking legacy that dates back to 1928, Germany. Stitch by stitch, layer by layer, generations of expertise and know-how go into crafting every detail.

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