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Article: For Your Shoe Closet: AW 2022-2023’s Trendiest Boot Styles

For Your Shoe Closet: AW 2022-2023’s Trendiest Boot Styles

For Your Shoe Closet: AW 2022-2023’s Trendiest Boot Styles

You may want to drop everything you’re doing and grab a seat right now. For what we have here are the season’s trendiest boot styles that’ll make you positively giddy at the chance of owning one too many. Ready? Here we go!

Quilted Upper

First in our list is a style that’s garnering an almost cult-like following in recent times. Boots with quilted uppers. This zippered one, for instance, has a charming Victorian vibe that talks cottagecore but with an urban flair. Off White and Cream are the trending hues in this style.

Flared Heel

“I’m modern and progressive, here to claim my space in fashion. Don’t mess with me though – I come flared.” is how the first flared heel boot would’ve announced its arrival, we think. Chic and classy, this style continues to reign shoe trend lists worldwide. 

Metallic Embellishments

Metallic chains and studs and you know right here where your next riveting look is. This one’s about absolute substance that comes fortified with style. And with chunky soles like in the boot pictured, you have a sure winner that breaks through everything dull and drab. 

Fur Fascination

Functionally appropriate and fashionably charming, how we all love a fine pair of fuzzy fur-lined boots to keep us company this season. See the one pictured here? Sliding one on feels like being in a classic romantic drama set in the Italian Alps. This has all our heart.

Double Buckles

We predict that this style (in fact this very boot) has the power to unleash the biker babe in the most genteel of us! There’s something about it, the very act of fastening the double buckles, that makes us feel invincible. A style that says – more power to you!

Metallic Hues

 If you went shopping for cosmetics lately, it’s no surprise that you would’ve seen rows and shelves full of gloss and shimmer. Metallics are in and we mean in a BIG way! Extend it to boots and it’s the most fun way to razzle and dazzle this season.

Moon Boots

Feeling astro-naughty? This style was born in the 1960s - the Space Age era. Inspired by the shape of anti-gravity boots worn by astronauts. Today, we're seeing a resurgence, what with the billionaire earthlings and their space race!

Lug Soles

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that we saw the lug sole boot on every supermodel at Milan Fashion Week. From knit dresses and baggy jeans to low-rise skirts and maxi dresses, this boot was the most-favoured of all. And you how it goes – if it’s happening in Milan, it must feature here.

Lug Soles+Sock

Warm sock-like knitted cuffs and sturdy lug soles for traction, that’s you being hugged and pampered best by a pair of boots. And so, this style earns a place on our list because isn’t it the season to indulge in some warmth and TLC?

Patent Flatform

The high-shine trend makes a glorious return AND in new silhouettes. Such as this flatform sneaker boot that is in sync with the black-on-black trend being advocated by the designer frat. Think patent leather black boots being paired with matte wool tops and knitted cotton lowers – all in black. 
Have a favourite boot style from the list? We’d like to know. Tell us in Comments below or write to us at

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