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Article: Which Metallic Shoe Are You?

Which Metallic Shoe Are You?

Which Metallic Shoe Are You?

A few weeks ago, we posted an article on 2023’s Trendiest Boot Styles where we mentioned that Metallics are in and in a BIG way! We weren't exaggerating as this colour range is ruling the trends list even in sneakers, heels, slip-ons and sandals. And why not – from subtle gloss to all-out shimmer, Metallics, in their varied shades and intensities, seem to have found quite a following transcending personality types.


Here’s a fun take on it by our Editorial Team who are yet to return all these shoes to Inventory. Have a read and let us know which mood metallic shoe you are.


Carley, The Party Hopper

She’s a moon boot with lug soles. The last woman standing after a long, long night of revelry. No matter the floor, the terrain or the space, she takes her penchant for fun wherever she goes. 

Silvana, The Live Wire

This strappy and sexy statement leather stiletto might be in a cool metallic blue but beneath it all she is a ball of fire with gusto written all over. Weaving through close-knit circles, inspiring camaraderie, she’s the life of every party.

Bali, Miss “You Can Sit Here If You Want”

Poised and elegant, and seen at many a Sunday brunch with the girls, her air of relaxed confidence puts everyone around at ease. Think she’s a goody two shoes? Think again. She’ll take you by surprise with her glints of sharp wit.

Sandra, The Queen of Sass

She may be delightfully short and cute but in essence she’s a sassy kitten heel in a perennial festive mood. She’s Sandra. She wears her crown high and she struts with a no-nonsense square toe.

Yuki, The Master Key

Here’s someone who gets invited to every do and has access to the best party spots in town. An ace at networking, she’s an absolute go-getter and knows how to make the most of life.

Tabea, The Experimenter

She comes with an air of mystery and a fiercely independent spirit. She’s Tabea, our bold rockstud ankle strap sandal crafted with exquisite leather uppers. A collector of novel experiences, she’s always on the lookout for where next and what’s new. Meet her once and you can’t ever forget her.

So, which of these mood metallic shoes came closest to describing you? We’d love to know. Share in Comments below.

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